Financial Information and Mandate

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and our Tax ID number is 91-1206208.

Below are pie charts summarizing our Income and Expenses for 2013. Our complete Annual Report is included in our Spring Newsletter & Community Review. Click on the links below to download complete versions of the following forms/reports:



Since our founding in 1977, we have recognized the power of the mission as it is lived out in relationships. It’s the heart and soul of community; everything else is built on this. As we move forward, we strive for greater inclusion in all areas of community life. This mandate is inspired by our gratitude for what we are already living and excitement for the new things unfolding in our shared life.


  1. Build ongoing opportunities for growth and belonging for individuals
    1. Support ongoing development of leaders
    2. Provide formation, retreats, and professional development at each level of membership
    3. Adapt to the changing needs of all LTH Community members as they age
    4. Respond to the energy around the LTH Community’s spiritual life and explore supports necessary to respect our meaningful traditions
    5. Enhance and promote communication throughout the LTH Community by ensuring outlets for voices of all members to inform those making decisions
    6. Collaborate with L’Arche USA and L’Arche International to foster and strengthen relationships of solidarity
  2. Continue sustaining our LTH Community by adapting to the changing political, financial, and social environment around us
    1. Support and encourage all members in working towards a healthy rhythm of life
    2. Continue to explore meaningful engagement for core members through Day Supports
    3. Restructure and renew resources for sustainability of the Farm & Gardens
    4. Foster good stewardship of our resources including homes, grounds and vehicles
    5. Develop a strategic assistant recruitment plan in collaboration with L’Arche USAFurther strengthen healthy relationships with our core members’ families and guardians through regular communication and education
    6. Continue to grow and develop membership of the Board of Directors
    7. Acquire new streams of funding and continue building sustaining funds
    8. Cultivate partnerships with political representatives and advocacy groups             
  3. Develop a Welcome Center in order to better reach out to the wider community and invite more people to join in our mission
    1. Launch and complete a capital campaign to design and build the Welcome Center
    2. Develop and share the vision and mission for the Welcome Center
    3. Build programs for ongoing uses of the Welcome Center including plans for the expansion of Day Supports
    4. Cultivate stronger connections with individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families within the wider community
    5. Strengthen outreach by partnering with area faith communities, businesses, and organizations
    6. Expand forms of marketing and media communication