Live-In Opportunities

“My mission is to love myself and to love others without conditions, limitations, or expectations, just as the core members loved me. Of course this is a life lesson, but L’Arche has provided an excellent foundation for this lifelong pursuit.”
-Bill Hoskyn, Former Assistant


L’Arche Tahoma Hope is made up of people with differing abilities, religion and culture who have chosen to come together to create home by building relationship through work, play and prayer.


While it takes all types of support to make our community run smoothly, there is no doubt that the live-in assistants and the core members at L’Arche Tahoma Hope are the foundation of our life together.


Bobby celbrates his birthday with KaiLive-in assistants receive time off each day and two days off per week. Ten vacation days, and twelve flexible holidays are accrued in the first year. They also receive medical insurance and dental benefits, room and board and a stipend every 2 weeks.


We ask for a one year commitment from live-in assistants (this includes a 3 month probationary period which allows the assistant and the community to ensure L’Arche Tahoma Hope is a good fit for the person). Many assistants choose to stay longer, or return for summers after having gone on to school.


Living in L'Arche affects different people in different ways. Click here to read some reflections by different assistants, past and present, about their time in L'Arche Tahoma Hope Community.


We are currently accepting applications for live-in assistants.