Solidarity in L'Arche

"Unity is founded on the covenant of love to which God calls all the community members. This implies welcome and respect for differences. Such unity presupposes that the person with a handicap is at the centre of community life. The same sense of communion unites the various communities throughout the world. Bound together by solidarity and mutual commitment, they form a world-wide family."

- Charter of L'Arche


As part of an international federation, we at L'Arche have more readily available opportunities to recognize within our world the beautiful diversity of our cultures and religions. We also have opportunites to see first hand the vast differences between countries with regards to access to material resources.


This reality calls us to promote understanding and interdependence among the countries and communities of L’Arche. In the Americas, L'Arche has created programs to encourage solidarity between communities. Relationships are built up through assistant exchanges, establishing sister communities, providing financial support, prayers, retreats and personal visits.


These connections that are made at the community level also promote understanding and unity between and within our cultures as well. If you would like more information about L'Arche in Latin America and the Caribbean, click here to be connected to their website.


Following are links to some stories about the solidarity experience within L'Arche Tahoma Hope.


Link to Diana Busch sharing her experience in the Dominican Republic link to Elisa Stene Carrothers sharing her experience in Mexico link to Sarah Thomson sharing her experience in India